Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What's In A Name?

A rather famous question and age old question I ask today.  The very famous line I quote is from William Shakespeare's pen.  Juliet questions from the balcony regarding her new found love and why he has to be Romeo as that name is her enemy.  She surmises that a rose would smell just as sweet if it had another name and the same must be true for her beloved. 

My wonder is along the same lines, that power held in the giving and the calling of a name.  Sir has a name he uses with me, or more correctly for me, that is only known between us.  When I am called it my heart takes flight.  I can feel his possession of me begin even if I am only reading in an email or text.  You see I don't even have to hear him speak it to feel the power of the name.  My day maybe full of hectic and rushed professional tasks yet that one word from him slices through all that clutter and instantly calm begins to fill my day.  There certainly is power in a name given and called. 


  1. Oh Little One i know exactly what you mean, when i was with my Master i too felt the same way you do when he called me my special name, how i miss that.

    blossom xx

  2. This mouse understands it as well. Of that name is mouse! Others calling her by that name doesn't diminish the power she feels when he says it.


  3. it as Shakespeare suggested not the name it's self but rather the connection it represents. For the record it is as important and special to those of us who utter the name as it to those you who hear it.

  4. blossom, I can see so much how you would miss it. Hugs!

    mouse, It seems to me that so many words have more power, or at least a different power, when said by Sir. You may have found that to be true in your life as well? :)

    Sir J, How nice it was to read your comment regarding the specialness of the name to those who utter it as well. It was selfish of me to think only I held it in such regard.