Monday, April 18, 2011


Meeting someone new they are given the benefit of the doubt and trust is given.  Trust them with your life? No, not that much.  Trust them enough to get to know more? Yes, that is exactly how much.  Trust begins right about there and in the moment we meet.  Trust grows each time we interact.  Trust grows with each promise kept, secret shared and as our feelings grow for the person. 

This dynamic of learning a new person always brings to mind the tales told during childhood and I feel as though the choice being made is really to decide if he is the big bad wolf or the knight on his horse.  The lesson from those tales told to us as children isn't that someone rescued the young lady in the end.  No, there may not always be a fairy godmother or a wood cutter nearby to save the day.  In my opinion, the true lesson to be remembered from these tales is the young ladies seemed to sense something was amiss in time to save herself and proceeded anyway.  Snow White was not comfortable around the old hag.  Red Riding Hood noticed all was not right with Grandma. 

Should you hear warning bells trust yourself.  Uncomfortable at all in his presence?  Don't be alone with him for any reason.  See some red flags?  Don't ignore them because of this D/s dynamic.  Speak up.  We are submissive.  We are not mute doormats.  Submission is ours to give because we want to give it, because want him to have it and because he is worthy of the gift just as we honored by him.