Friday, March 11, 2011


How can I like a word I once hated?  A word I would have fought against being called once.  How can I now treasure it? 

Along this journey I have found myself having to confront several things that make me uncomfortable.  Although I was regarded in a delicate light as I mentioned before, I wouldn’t have labeled myself a prude.  I was open to new ideas.  Not only was my behavior not prudish, my thinking wasn’t prudish or so I thought until I was put to the test.  I believed in keeping an open mind and then he said certain words to me.  Words like pet, collar, leash, slut, fuck and my mind scrambled to keep up because it wanted to put the brakes on.  Me a pet?  Me in a collar?  Me a slut?  Excuse me?  Just who do you think you are talking to...Sir? 
Slut.  I’ll focus solely on the part of my journey with that little four letter word and my confrontation with it.  You see I am an intelligent woman. I am not a slut.  I do not sleep around.  I take the decision to go to bed with a man very seriously.  That was the soundtrack playing in my head as Sir called me slut and it was on constant repeat.  How dare he label me otherwise!  I could see my inner feminist just shaking her head at him.  Oh she wanted a piece of him for calling me that.  What she wouldn’t have done to just have five minutes alone with him until the moment he added one little magical word to the mix…my.  My slut.  Well if that doesn’t just change the whole dynamic.  Not just any slut but his slut.  His personal slut willing to do anything for him whenever and where ever he desires it.  It is hard not to go along with that.  Turns out I am a slut and it turns out I am proud of it too.  Now if you call me a slut I’ll wear it like a badge of honor.  Yes, for the right man I am absolutely a slut.  I am willing to do anything for him whenever and where ever he desires it. 


  1. Makes all the difference in the world to be claimed.

  2. It really does make all the difference.

  3. Excellent! I was thinking about you being "his" slut the whole time I was reading, and then you touched on it yourself, as I read further. Very nice, and exactly right. You can definitely be a slut without being one to the world. You can be "His" and relish the thought of it. for him you can be anything and everything you want and need to be, and he wants and needs you to be. And the best part is you can do it without remorse or worry.

    Not only can you be that, but obviously he expects that from you. You are being pushed into new territory where you will face new feelings, emotions, experiences, etc... Being pushed (within reason of course) is what you need and what it takes. Good for him for doing so with you. This makes me think of a saying..."Life begins outside of your comfort zone!" How true this is, as you are seeing.


  4. Begins outside the comfort zone...doesn't it just? A good challenge is just that, a good challenge. Sometimes you want to back away from the newness of it all but where would the fun be in that? At least that is my feeling.

  5. Some words only exist in relation to others, up and down, you cannot define up with out down. I believe slut is one of those words. There are no sluts with out princesses or if you prefer prudes. This woman a slut, that woman a princess. Or perhaps it is more with in than that. You must have a slut side to have a princess side. Together they will make you a force in his life.

    Great post.

  6. Two sides of the same coin. Interesting way of looking at it and one I welcome thinking about. Thank you very much for your comment Sir J.

  7. Rather amazing how one little noun can change a statement so completely isn't it?
    Nice little blog you have going here.

  8. Fantastic Post!
    I wonder, do others get the same thrill as I when He calls me His slut?
    I think it comes from what you said, I am His and never would I be called that or accept being called that in other circumstances.

  9. lil, It is amazing the power of just one little word. Thank you for your kind words!

    Naida, I too have wondered if I am alone in that rush. Don't believe that we are. :)

  10. My lizard also still struggles with the word, and I tell her every time, "you are my slut," because the fact is she is not interested in anyone but me, and I do not mean to imply to her in any way any disrespect. she is beginning to understand that now. When I would tell her to say it before she would say "I'm not a slut." I would reassure her every time, "you're my slut, only for me," and then she would always reluctantly agree. Now she says it when I ask her to. She has never spontaneously said it. Yet.

    If I ask her "who are you?" She always says first, "I'm your angel, sir." Then, "what else?" "Your naughty girl."

    I still insist: "What else are you, my naughty little lizard?"

    And she eventually comes out with it: "Your slut."

    Now why that gives me so much joy and pride I don't know. I don't think of her as a dirty piece of trash or something, but instead just enjoy that she will give me most of the nasty things I ask for.

    The last time she said she was a slut, she began laughing, which is something she sometimes does when she feels uncomfortable.

    But I do believe she is beginning to embrace her inner slut. she might even get that little thrill you and naida speak of...

  11. Neo Dom Tom, I hope your lizard is feeling that little thrill from being your slut. It is a rush and an empowering feeling. As you said in no way disrespectful.